Writer’s Journal

I want my students to develop a writing habit, and I think incorporating a writer’s journal into daily lessons is a great way to encourage this habit. I’m wondering about developing my own notebook and allowing my students to read and draw from it, for both inspiration and guidance.

What do you think about having an open Writer’s Notebook of your own in the classroom?


“What if the cu…

“What if the cure for cancer is trapped inside the mind of someone who can’t afford an Education?”

Powerful statement that clarifies why it is so important to find a way to help all students to learn, even if that means going beyond our typical boundaries and pushing ourselves to the limits – “whatever it takes for our students.”

Action Research Project

One of the most nerve-racking assignments in the MAT program has got to be the action research project. At this point, I am in the most beginning planning stages possible. I have chosen my topic, and am working to develop my research question. As for my idea- here is is:

I want to study the effects of changing student perspectives, through the use of literary characters, on their perceptions of other cultures and diversify. 

For example, a student who is one race/ethnicity/age/gender/orientation would complete a quiz that determines their attitudes and understanding of another culture. Then, this student would read a pre-chosen text that features multiple cultures. The student would then consider one character of another culture, examining their thoughts, motivation, and overall life, paying close attention to the impact of their culture. The students would be changing their own perceptions through this exercise, hopefully. We would complete the project by taking a follow up quiz to determine growth. First of all, I hope this makes sense. Second, I’m having a horrible time finding relevant/similar research. Third, I need suggestions and other feedback! Please let me know your thoughts! 

Unit Assignments?

I’m thinking of providing my students with a list of assignments that are to be completed for each unit, and allowing them the opportunity to choose which to do at a time. This would allow an opportunity for students to work in groups to compare their assignments, and to have a little choice and responsibility with their assignments.

I also wonder if offering a choice between assignments – do this or this – would encourage my students to exert more effort and allow them more enjoyment in the classroom.

Thoughts? How do you offer your students choices?

“Education’s pu…

“Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one.” – Malcolm Forbes

My desire to be a teacher stems from an intense drive to accomplish something -anything- with a student that involves learning. My greatest desire is to cultivate an understanding and appreciation for reading and writing in my students.


The purpose of this blog is to document my progress towards completing the MAT program and achieving my teaching certification. I plan to use this space to not only reflect what I’m learning, but to plan for my future teaching career, with emphasis on how I will approach both my classroom and my students.

Please feel free to accompany me on this journey, and to provide me with feedback, criticisms, experiences, and any other input you feel necessary!

At this time, I have completed two courses in the MAT program and will be beginning my third in a few weeks. I’m going to use the time until the start of my next class to reflect on and consider the practical application of what I have learned so far in my program.

Let’s begin!